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Introducing our founder and an example of what it truly means to be dedicated. Susan started the company on a whim after planning several family members' weddings and realizing there was a better way to handle the wedding business. She treats everyone she comes in contact with like she would treat her family and strives to make every person's dream come true. Every event is treated the same no matter the budget, size, or caliber. In Susan's eyes, there's more to life than dollar signs and having so many "transactional" encounters during the planning process takes away from the excitement... so she decided that running a company focused on integrity, sincerity, and love was the only type of company she could attach her name to. She absolutely lives for her husband and two beautiful children, loves her entire circle, and trulyLOVES what she does and it shows. Don't take our word for it... ask any client she has ever taken on.

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